Welcome to the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council. Thanks for visiting us today!

We are currently changing to a new website. 

Check out our in-progress site Nicola Valley Arts Council.

(You’ll see the old and new while we are working!)

First let’s tell you a little bit about your Arts Council.

Link coming to the Constitution and ByLaws


We are very excited because the Council has over 100 members this year.  The largest membership ever!

Are you a member or do you want to join?   Please don’t wait until the new website is done.  Follow the link (coming) to fill out your application and our Membership Committee will be in touch with you shortly.

(In the meantime, fill in the Contact Us page to let us know you would like to join, or pop in to the Art Gallery or to Community Futures on 2185 B Voght Street.)

Board of Directors:

You have a new Board of Directors, the largest Board ever.  Currently there are 9 Directors and there is room for 2 more.  Are you interested in joining the Board of Directors?  If so, please Contact Us and let us know your interests.

Or email: nicolavalleyartscouncil@gmail.com

Just want to help? 

No problem.  You don’t have to join the Board of Directors.  Or even become a member (although we hope you do!).

We want to tell you a bit about what we are doing.  Maybe you will find something you would like to help with! Art events? Music? Dance? Drama? Or helping the Council get its work done?

The most important thing we really need to know is what do you want to see when you visit Nicola Valley Community Arts Council, when you visit in the future?

We are excited about our new membership and Board, and hope to hear from you

It’s a big year for the Arts Council! 35 years and counting!